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Trip to Japan: The power of community

Something I thought deeply about was how I wanted to travel.

I'm used to traveling alone. My time, my taste and my rhythm. But this trip I wanted to do something differently. I wanted it to be impactful, reason why I brought my kids and mom.

I booked a tour. Taking a tour has its advantages and disadvantages, but today I will talk about the biggest advantage: Community.

This tour was designed by a Mexican for Spanish-speaking people. And I can say that there were Spanish-speaking people from Costa Rica, Bolivia and Mexico.

It was wonderful. We quickly became friends.

As a good community there were people of all kinds. Different ages, different tastes, different profiles, but something in common. In our case: Visit a beautiful country and enjoy it.

Outside Himeji Castle

It had been a while since I felt so supported with the care of my children.

My friends supported me at all times checking them out or inviting them to try new flavors.

Hiroshima war memorials

When we visited the peace museum in Hiroshima, where the energy felt was very strong and sad. I could feel the support of my group as well.

The museum shows the history, lives and deaths of the people who lived at that time in our history. It was difficult to explain to my children that they still did not understand why humanity allowed such a tragedy.

Luckily our new friends helped us explain, and also gave us interesting technical information about the event. Still it wasn't easy.

We were lucky enough to also have fun together. And at the same time enjoy Japanese culture at its best as a group.

Whenever we got separated from the group, there was always someone willing to support us. We reinforce the fact that people are people regardless of our land of birth or language.

I never felt alone, and even if there were difficult situations, we knew we could count on each other.

I know we made friends that will stay in my heart for the rest of my life.

We took care of each other and enjoyed together.

Japan became more magical thanks to you dear friends.

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