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Arriving to Japan: Flexibility and Adaptability

** Note: I don't gain anything by mentioning/promoting the companies I used on this trip. It's just that I liked their service so much that I don't want to omit their names.

On the flight we took the opportunity to sleep, after getting excited about the bathroom and the flight windows.

ZipAir is a Japanese airline that has flights at very good prices and their planes are very comfortable.

We landed in Narita.

Just when we went down to the flight terminal, a person was standing with a paper indicating where we had to walk to do the necessary immigration procedures. And a few meters away, another person with a sign in 3 languages. And a few meters more, another person. And then... another.

A great example of how no resources are spared to provide the best service and welcome visitors. In addition, everyone is very friendly.

I didn't count them but I do think there were at least 15 people who were standing in strategic areas giving directions to where to walk and asking for the QR codes needed to enter Japan:

Despite my time at DuoLingo, I'm not very good at understanding Japanese. The good thing is that the page is in English too, the bad thing is that I didn't do the process well. In my case, I did not know that I had to request permission for my minor children, and a message saying that the QRs for the anti-Covid filter were no longer generated diverted my attention.

I realized my mistake and they connected me to the internet to show that I had no bad intentions and that part of the process was done properly.

At that moment I remembered something that I always comment on in my coaching sessions: "Each person brings an intention, no one else can know it unless it is shared. Others only see your behavior and move according to the impact received.< /p>

I didn't want to have a negative impact, after all my intention was to cooperate with the entry procedure. So I decided that coming out of that filter I had to be agile and flexible . So I acted quickly and did the necessary paperwork just before the next few filters, and everything worked out for the best.

Do you have something in your life that is asking for your adaptability and flexibility to achieve something specific?

How do you deal with sudden change or when things are not going the way you would like?

Here are some steps that can help you be flexible and agile next time you face the uncertainty of a sudden change:

  1. Take a deep breath. Grab a moment of reality as you feel the air enter your lungs.

  2. Identify what is being asked of you at that moment. What is the path I want to follow? Who do I want to be right now?

  3. View your options and select. What is posible? What would be the best result of this? What do I need to do to make it happen?

I hope they help you. If you liked this article, like and share.

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