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Do Not Let

Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

Don't let the day end without having grown a little,

without having been happy, without having increased your dreams.

Don't be overcome by discouragement.

Don't let anyone take away your right to express yourself.

which is almost a must.

Do not abandon the desire to make your life something extraordinary.

Don't stop believing that words and poetry

can change the world.

No matter what, our essence is intact.

We are beings full of passion.

Life is desert and oasis.

It knocks us down, it hurts us,

teaches us,

makes us protagonists

of our own story.

Even if the wind blows against

the mighty work continues:

You can contribute with one stanza.

Never stop dreaming,

because in dreams mankind is free.

Don't fall for the worst of mistakes:


The majority lives in a scary silence.

Don't give up.


"I emit my screams through the roofs of this world",

says the poet.

Appreciate the beauty of simple things.

You can make beautiful poetry about little things,

but we cannot row against ourselves.

That transforms life into hell.

Enjoy the panic that tells you there is life ahead.

Live it intensely, without mediocrity.

Think that the future is in you and face that task with pride and with no fear.

Learn from those who can teach you. The experiences of those who preceded us, of our “dead poets”, they help you walk through life.

Today’s society is us: The “living poets”.

Do not let life happen to you, without you living it


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